Do I Really Need Anti-Aging Treatments?



Do I Really Need Anti-Aging Treatments?

Do I really need anti-aging treatments? Isn’t it better to age naturally? Isn’t it vain to conceal one’s age? These are examples of some routine questions to a dermatologist. My only response to all queries related to anti-aging are summarised as under:

Are you happy with what you see in the mirror every morning?

If yes, then don’t bother to go for any treatments. But, if the response is no, then don’t hesitate to seek advice. It is much better to go for professional advice and treatment, than hiding behind concealers or living under a constant fear of things getting worse with passing years. You are the judge of what you want your appearance to be, whether or not it matches with other people’s opinion.

What Anti-aging Treatments are available

Anti-aging treatments start with simple things such as eating a balanced diet, getting regular exercise, adequate sleep, managing your stress levels and avoiding excess sun-exposure. It does include applications of topical treatments, taking oral supplements, performing chemical peels or using injectables and, also by doing Face Yoga.

I have had the good fortune of closely observing the perspectives towards ageing and the willingness to go for anti-ageing treatments in diverse locations like Philippines, Dubai and India. The common factor being that there is a growing awareness about need for anti-ageing measures, but the age at which patients approach dermatologists is different, number of men coming forward for these treatments is more in other countries as compared to India, and the willingness to go for aggressive therapies depends on patients professional requirements, affordability and their social network.

So, what I understand is that one’s external appearance is a very individual choice. So, my treatment plans are always customised to my patient’s needs, expectations, affordability and tolerance.

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