How to Get Rid of Stubborn Double Chin?



How to get rid of stubborn double chin

Double chin or presence of extra tissue mass underneath the chin, is an extremely common physical feature, observed in one or more members of most families.

Double chin is most commonly associated with overweight and obesity, and in these cases is caused by presence of extra fatty tissue in the submental area. But, it can also be caused by sagging skin associated with aging, sudden weight loss, residuum of fat dissolving injection treatments.

So, the starting point of dealing with your seemingly innocuous but still annoying facial feature, namely double chin, is to ascertain what’s causing it. I guess, like any other problem, medical or otherwise, addressing the root cause is the most important.

And once you know the cause, then my effort to consolidate and compare the treatment options, will be quite helpful to you.

1. Physical measures

  • Weight loss – fat loss; essential for overweight patients
  • Cardiovascular exercise – fat loss and toning; effective
  • Face Yoga – fat loss, toning and muscle strengthening – very effective if regularly practiced
  • Massage – generates heat hence loosens up the fat; limited effect

2. Non-invasive medical options

  • Non – invasive / non-surgical – Lot of progress has been made in this area in recent times, because most patients want to avoid injections or surgery, unless it’s essential
  • Ultrasonic lipolysis or HIFU treatments – safe, almost pain free, effective, destroys fat cells & tightens skin
  • Cool-sculpting- safe, effective for mild fat deposits, freezes & destroys fat cells without damage to other tissues

These treatments need multiple sessions for adequate impact; considered relatively expensive.

3. Invasive medical techniques

  • Surgical liposuction- a cosmetic procedure that removes fat
  • Costly, invasive, involves downtime

4. Fat dissolving injections

  • Deoxycholic acid – US FDA approved, effective for removal of persistent submental fat , but limited experience so far
  • Phosphatidyl cholate injections

So, the simple facts are that there are a range of treatments available currently for the treatment of double chin, which involve fat removal and / or skin tightening. Depending on how disciplined you are as a person, your willingness to spend money, and readiness for tolerating pain and down-time, you can choose the appropriate treatment option , with the help of your trusted specialist.

But, all of these treatments need for you to follow a healthy diet and exercise to keep body weight within desirable limits, to avoid relapse of the fat deposition in the submental area.

Good luck & stay fit

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